Click to enlarge"Chuckers" Parking-Lot Game

CHUCKERS is a new, yet distinctively familiar recreational tossing game designed for everyone's enjoyment! CHUCKERS is great for pool parties, at the beach, for BBQ's, tailgating, family reunions, company picnics - just about anywhere, anytime. Anyone can play CHUCKERS!

A complete set of rules & how to play is included with the purchase of a CHUCKERS set! One (1) Year Warranty Included!

Add alittle "chuck" & friendly competition to your next event!

Chuckers Set Includes: (2)Target Boards, (1) Scoreboard/Disc Caddy, Yellow Targets with Black Rings and Hobs. (6) Low-Impact Neon Orange and Lime Green Discs. CHUCKERS is a new family and group-oriented recreational tossing game. It’s safe for players of all ages, plays something like “doubles” in horseshoes or "washers", and has familiar game elements and simple rules that are easily understood by everyone.

What is the object of the game? To be the first player or team to have a score of exactly 21 points at the end of a round -- without going over! Exceeding 21 points at any time is sudden death for that team, an automatic loss in CHUCKERS. The sudden death rule generates the most fun, keeps players involved, and shortens game time so everyone gets a chance to play.

Where can the game be played? Everywhere. All you need is a mostly flat 20’ long area about 6’ wide and you have an ideal CHUCKERS playing space. For playing on hard surfaces such as wood, linoleum, pavement or concrete, use a couple of old throw rugs or carpet remnants under the target boards to cushion disc impacts.

Is the game durable? Yes. Due to the injection-molded plastic manufacturing process called structural foam the high quality game parts are very durable and with normal care will last for years.

Is the game portable? Yes. At 20 pounds, anyone, even kids and seniors, can easily transport the game.

What are the dimensions of the CHUCKERS package? 35" long x 18" wide x 10"deep

What is the cube of the CHUCKERS package? 3.6 cu. ft.

What kind of warranty does CHUCKERS have? A one year limited warranty. Satisfaction Guaranteed

How long does it take to set up the game? CHUCKERS sets up in less than a minute. Consider this set up time when compared to other favorite traditional games such as horseshoes, badminton, volleyball or croquet. The practical advantages offered by CHUCKERS are portability, ease of transport, set-up and play.

Can senior citizens and children safely play CHUCKERS? Definitely, YES! The discs have been designed to have a hefty feel to them for serious play, but safety considerations were also part of the process so we made them of weighted thermoplastic rubber to safely cushion any errant tosses.

What benefits do children get from playing CHUCKERS? Aside from the core benefit of enjoying quality recreation time with family members of all ages ("priceless" as the MasterCard commercial says) the kids improve eye-hand coordination by tossing the discs, and the youngsters can work on their math by calculating what they need to get 21 points and operating the scoreboard during the game.

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