Click to enlargeThe "Kegger" Keg Coat (Half Barrel)

The Kegger!™ Keg Coat (half-barrel) is an insulated cooler specifically made for a beer keg. It keeps beer cold 3X LONGER than a keg alone!

At room temperature, it will keep a keg cold for a full 7 hours with no ice at all. Imagine bringing a keg to your next tailgating party, without toting along bags and bags of ice!

It’s extremely durable, constructed of heavy-duty nylon canvas, high-quality insulation, and an extra-thick waterproof liner. The outer shell of the Kegger!™ Keg Coat is constructed of durable nylon canvas. It's extremely thick, tough, and nearly impossible to tear!

A full keg of beer weighs about 150 lbs. Thanks to an innovative new design, the Kegger!™ Keg Coat can handle the weight with no problem! The new design moves the seams away from the bottom edges, where tears would be most likely to occur. The result: Less stress on sewn seams and an extremely durable design!

This heavy-duty YKK® zipper was made for durability. Its oversized design makes it tough enough to withstand the worst abuse!

The Kegger!™ Keg Coat is equipped with two handles for lifting. These thick nylon straps handle the weight with ease, because they're capable of lifing way more than a 150 lb beer keg!

The liner is both tough and watertight. If your keg lasts longer than usual, add some ice! The liner will keep any melted ice or condensation from leak.

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