Click to enlargeThe "Ultimate" Tailgate Racing Game

The Fun Starts Here Race Fans! Check out this "unique" racing game out! It's nothing like anything you have ever seen before!

Giant Size Racing Game that can be used for "entertainment" or just plan fun! Use your imagination!

Invite your buddies over and "crank-up" your next Tailgate Party, Race Parties, & Fund Raisers! Choose a Track! Race Your Friends! Maneuver for the Win & go for the CASH!!

The largest (28" x 60") Racing Game Tracks created. Features (3) of the most popular tracks in racing today! (Stock Car Oval, Road Race Course & Drag Strip) Non-computerized, hands on old-fashioned racing action. Just like where skill and luck come into play! Encouraged for "Entertainment" use ONLY! Use Dice, Playing Cards or Both!

Racing Moves Include: Entry Fee, Qualifying for Pole/Starting Grid Position, The Start, Race, 2/3 Wide Racing, Drafting, Blocking, Cautions, Penalties, Crashing, Restart, Finish & "Finally" Collect WINNING$!

Each Tailgate Racing Game includes the following items; (3) Seperate Race Tracks, (10) Different Model & Color 2 3/4" Racing Cars (You can also use your own favorite driver model cars), Gold Trophy, Different Colored Dice, 5,400.00 in laminated money, Tailgate racing rules & a EZ Store container to keep your game looking new for years to come.

Hand Made in The USA! Choose a Track! Race Your Friends! Maneuver for the Win & go for the CASH!! Great for Tailgate Parties, Race Parties, Picnics, Rallies, Fund Raisers, T.V. Races, Rec Rooms, R.V. Events & Etc. Makes a great gift and a rainy day solution!

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