Click to enlarge10-line "Multi-Option" Strip Cards

Product Information:

• Sold in packs of 100 cards

• 100 Different versions per pack – NO DUPLICATES GUARANTEED!

• Easy “SCRATCH OFF” reveals hidden numbers and BONUS number

• NO see through or peek-a-boo's

•No experience required! • Can be used for many different sporting events and other fun game options!


1.) Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball - After all of the lines have been filled, scratch off the strip to see everyone’s playing number. Add the second digit of both teams after a quarter, half or final. Use that number and match it to the wining line on the card to determine the winner! (Ex. Green Bay 14 Bears 3 (4 + 3 = 7).......the name on line 7 is the winner)

"Another Example" - First to score - Use the second digit on the jersey of the player who scores the first touchdown or goal to determine a winner. (Ex. 82 scores…Line 2 takes the prize!!!)

2.) Golf - Determine the golfer everyone is watching for this strip card and write his name at the top of the card. Fill in each line and scratch the card. After the front nine, use the golfers score (Ex. 36) to determine the winner. The name on line (6) would be the winner! Use the BONUS number at the top of the card as a FREE game or pay the pot double. If the BONUS number is (5) and the golfer bogies hole 5, the person on line 5 pays double, but if the golfer birdies hole 5, that person gets their money back and plays for free!

3.) MMA or BOXING - Use the last digit of the time the fight is stopped to determine a winner. (Ex. Fight ends in Round 5, at 2:31, then the name on line 1 wins the prize) or If it’s a 10 round fight, what ever round the fight ends, match it to the line and name to find a winner.

4.) BONUS NUMBER GAMES - You can use the bonus number under the circle for any charity, fundraiser, instant winner, promo, give-a-way, free drink, free round, coupon, gift card, drink token, etc. Just fill in a name on each line, scratch the entire card saving the BONUS number for last, once everyone knows their number scratch off the BONUS number to determine the WINNER!

5.) JERSEY/ T-Shirt RAFFLE - Purchase a Jersey or T-Shirt of choice, make sure it only costs under $50.00 or so. Sell each line to patrons for $10, that’s a total of $100. The jersey or t-shirt has now paid for itself and generated $50.00 for the establishment or charity. Patrons get a chance to win a "Great Item" for only $10 bucks, not too bad. The name matching the BONUS number wins the Item. Great for a Sporting Seasons, Parties and give away great items like Throw Back Jerseys, Beer Lights, mirrors, flags, etc.

6.) “HOST A PARTY” RAFFLE - Sell each line of the strip card for a set dollar amount that lets the patrons feel value for the price. Offer the winner a dinner for 2 or 4, few drinks, reserved seats and some appetizers for a Special Event or Game! Or come up with something creative on your own and make your next event fun and exciting!

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