Click to enlargeThe "Big Resolver" Gaming Coaster

** Currently Not available! **

• Sold in packs of 48 cards •Great party game for 2 or more people!

• 6 Chambers to choose from, 1 hidden bullet, FEELING LUCKY?

• Who’s buying the next round? Who’s leaving the tip? Let the BIG RESOLVER decide…

• Gently push down the center of the card, spin, scratch and see if you luck runs out!!! • Anyone can play and almost any issue can be RESOLVED!

How to play "THE BIG RESOLVER":

Who's buying the next round? Who's leaving the tip? This card is easy, just push down the middle to get the card "spin ready". Use two hands to spin the card, stop the card with a finger and scratch off the chamber you landed on. Reveal an empty chamber... you live, reveal the bullet, and you might be buying...

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