Click to enlarge"Express" Tailgate Table

Let's face it. Serious tailgaters need and want a serious tailgate table. The Game Day "Express" Tailgate Table is compact, safe, adjustable, and versatile. The Game Day "Express" Tailgate Table is certain to stand out in a crowd! Game Day "Express" Tailgate Table is the perfect table for you to get your party started.

Order yours today and get your party started with the Game Day "Express" Tailgate Table.

Compact, lightweight, high-impact, strong plastic construction. Space saving design, easy to use, and comes fully assembled. Sturdy built-in handle for easy carrying Lots of table space. Adjustable legs to fit all vehicle types. No hitch needed! No extra equipment or tools required for set-up.

Available in select team colors! Order one that looks like a "Football Field" or "Race Track" Theme!

The Game Day "Express" Tailgate Table has a unique patent pending design that incorporates the major elements of truly tailgating.

This is the only truly tailgating table of its kind, and it is made in the USA.

MM-TTTRegular price: $99.99Sale price: $94.99