Click to enlarge"Game Day" Single Faucet Kegtap

Need a Tapper? When the time comes, make sure you are prepared with this "unique" tapper!

A monumental improvement on the traditional keg tap, Uber Dispensing Company’s single faucet keg tap’s highlighted feature is a foot pump system allowing for ease of use and less effort spent pressurizing the keg.

The difference is clear: a traditional keg tap with a 4” hand pump pushes 9.42 cubic inches per depression while the Ubertap pushes 26.69 cubic inches per depression. This superior pumping method allows consumers to push more air per depression and moreover, at a faster rate, as it is much easier to use a “pump” mechanism with a foot than with a hand.

Additionally, using the foot frees up the user’s hands for holding the cup and faucet, allowing the user to fill his/her cup faster.

UBT-1FKTRegular price: $89.99Sale price: $70.00