Click to enlarge"Game Day" Tailgator Sun Shade

The TailGator Sunshade is the perfect addition to any outdoor activity. The Patent Pending design uses a magnetic strip to hold the TailGator Sunshade securely to the liftgate or side of any vehicle and because it is so light and compact you can leave it in your vehicle or camper all of the time!

The TailGator Sunshade needs no lines or stakes for support, which means you can use it in parking lots.

What happens if it Rains? No problem, the Tailgator Sun Shade allows the water to shed off to the sides. No water build-up, like the others that simple collapse!

What happens in the Wind? No problem, the Tailgator Sun Shade simply flexes and deflects the wind conditions. Not like the others, who simply try to fly away!

Each "Game Day" Tailgator Sun Shade includes (2) weighted feet (for parking lot use). Approximate dimensions are 8'Lx7'WX6.5'H!

Get yours today and Enjoy "Game Day" alittle bit better!

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