Click to enlarge"Game Day" Uber (3) Tap (System D)

The toughest and most efficient keg party pump on the market today!

Product Information:

Tri-splitter to allow dispensing from three hoses at once!

5 times quicker than a common party pump!

Decreases wait time by allowing for swifter pumping and filling at the keg!

Foot Pump replaces the less efficient traditional hand pump!

Seamless integration for least disturbance of beer as it moves through system!

The (D System) will Fit the following Kegs for Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Labatt's, Molson, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Yuengling, and most other American Beers!

UBT-UT42DRegular price: $119.99Sale price: $89.99