Click to enlarge"Ice Otter" Tailgater Cooler

You will not find a more durable, more versatile activity cooler anywhere - Period! This isn't like one of those coolers you get at your local retail stores and they fall apart after two years! This "baby" will last!

This 56 Quart baby is Mini-HUGE! 17.3/4"D x 25.3/4"W x 18"H

This is the type of cooler Paul Bunyan "little brother" would have used at a tailgate party! It holds 78 (12 oz. cans) or 64 (20 oz. bottles)

It also has a build in lock to keep your valuables (beer) safe from your rival neighbor! This is truly like no other cooler you have seen before!

It is made in the USA & made to last for many years to come! Keeps your refreshments cold for hours and hours!!

Available in all your "favorite" team colors! Just pick a color! Your can either have it all one color or two-toned in your favorite team colors.

**Cooler can be also purchased and used with the "optional" Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch!

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