Click to enlarge"Mr. Woody" Hot Dog Roaster


Just Like Your First Automobile, Everyone Remembers Their First WOODY.

Who is Mr WOODY ?

Mr WOODY is the original novelty Hot Dog cooker/roaster on the internet. Buying an Original Mr WOODY product you ensure that you are getting a quality and proven item. We consider Mr WOODY to be the entire novelty experience ... from packaging to shipping to labeling to the final product Mr WOODY himself. It is as fun to give a WOODY as it is to get a WOODY.

What is Mr WOODY ?

Mr WOODY is an unforgettable gift that will be remembered and talked about for a long time past the occasion it is given. Buying a Mr WOODY is more than just buying a funny hot dog roaster. So hurry up and get yourself and a friend into the WOODY EXPERIENCE. You won't regret it.

Get a Mr. Woody today & show your Tailgating Buddies a Great Time!