Click to enlargeRace Day "Fast Lane" Auto Racing Cards (10 person max)

Product Information:

• Sold in packs of 20 cards!

• 20 different versions per 20 set - NO DUPLICATES GUARENTEED!

• Easy “SCRATCH OFF” reveals 4 hidden pole positions for every player •Staple the official pole position, fill in the names, scratch and PLAY!!!

• Great for watching the race with a small group (10 person Max) •No RACING experience required!

How to play Fast Lane Racing Game 10 Player Version:

• Fill in names for each blank line. After the lines are filled in, scratch off the box next to your name to reveal your poll position number(s). REMEMBER, your numbers represent the pole position!

• Next check the pole position so you know what drivers to cheer for!

• sit back, enjoy the race and see who finishes first on race day!

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